Thông báo về Học bổng phát triển (ADS) của Ôxtrâylia khóa nhập học năm 2011

Ngày 10/06/2009, ông Max Walsh, Trưởng đoàn Chuyên gia Ôxtrâtlia thuộc Dự án ADS Hỗ trợ đã có công văn gửi Trường Đại học Hà Nội thông báo về học bổng phát triển Ôxtrâylia khóa nhập học 2011.

Xem thông tin về Chương trình học bổng phát triển Ôxtrâylia khóa nhập học 2011 tại trang mạng:  http://www.ads.edu.vn


The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) invite candidates to submit applications for


The Government of Australia works in partnership with the Government of Vietnam on a development cooperation program to advance Australia's national interest by assisting Vietnam to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development.  The Australian Development Scholarships program (ADS) forms an important part of the development cooperation program managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).  Since 1992, more than 2,500 Vietnamese students have been trained in Australia with the support of Australian Government scholarships.

Australia's development cooperation program supports Vietnam's Five Year Socio-Economic Development Plan 2006-10, and aims to strengthen broad-based growth and reduce poverty by facilitating economic integration and improving the delivery of basic services such as water, sanitation and health.  The ADS program in Vietnam is aligned closely to the goals and objectives of Australia’s overall development cooperation program and the Government of Vietnam’s human development priorities.  Key focus areas of the Vietnam ADS program include economic integration; ethnic minority poverty alleviation; disaster mitigation including climate change, water and sanitation; health; teaching and research capacity in universities and Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL).

In the 2011 ADS intake, up to 175 full scholarships will be awarded to qualified Vietnamese candidates.  The majority of awards will be available to candidates in the Open category.  However, approximately 70 awards have been reserved for qualified candidates in the Priority Public Institutions (PPI) category – key government agencies (see Table 2 below) that are strategically relevant to the Vietnam Australia Development Cooperation Program. 

The 2011 intake scholarships are for postgraduate study only, with approximately twenty (20) awards allocated for PhD study, and about one hundred and fifty-five (155) awards for Masters Degrees and/or Graduate Diploma study.
Candidates living and working in provincial areas of Vietnam are especially encouraged to apply.

Successful candidates receive an annual stipend, establishment allowance, basic health insurance as well as tuition and other compulsory academic fees.  Support for overseas fieldwork costs is also available in some cases.  A key feature of the ADS scheme in Vietnam is the provision of up to seven (7) months intensive English language training in Vietnam for selected applicants prior to their departure to Australia.  If required, students will receive further English language and academic preparation tuition in Australia.